Pay-per-click Optimization

on Steroids!

The combination of highly skilled humans and artificial intelligence

The combination of highly skilled humans and artificial intelligence

is our clients’ competitive edge.

is our clients’ competitive edge.

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24/7 Optimization


How Will You Know It Is Working?

You will see every call. You can listen to every call. Our humans will rate every call. Bottom line? You will have transparency into your marketing results, like you have always hoped for. One click into your npiClick dashboard.

Truly effective marketing (all forms) require the client and marketing firm to work as one. Your ability to see and hear exactly what is going on with new patient calls, their rating, and even the content of the call is KEY to a mutually beneficial relationship.

call listening
dental subjects

Dental Subjects Matter

You can promote general, emergency, implants, dentures, sedation, ortho, Invisalign™, sleep apnea, and many other subjects using PPC.

You and your npiClick Advisor will know which subjects take the shortest time to get the phone to ring, the longest time, the subjects which normally have lower costs per call, and the subject with higher costs per call. Rely on your npiClick Advisor for guidance.


Results always follow the same path. It starts out slow, gets better, then it gets consistent, then it gets downright predictable.


Very Beginning


Month or So


Three Months Or So



What Our Clients Say

Client Dr. Ed Suh

“I’ve been with NPI since 2005 and it’s now 2018.
It’s turned out to be the best marketing decision I ever made.”


Dr. Ed Suh, Supremia Dentistry
Client Dr. Lori Cockley

It is now 2018 and we are still happy NPI clients. My advice to colleagues: get NPI on your team, listen to them and market like crazy.”

Dr. Lori Cockley, East Berlin Smiles
Client Dr. Laura Godwin

“I hadn’t even owned my practice for a year and so I was hesitant to put much towards marketing. I’m actually already having to expand my office by two operatories and my office administrator had to buy a hands-free headset because the phone rings off the hook. Partnering with NPI has been one of the best business decisions I have made so far!”

Dr. Laura Godwin, 7th Street Family Dentistry
Client Dr. Ushma Patel

I have enjoyed working with you and your company for these last several years. You do what you say you’re going to do and in this day and age that is key. I appreciate having the opportunity to share my experiences with New Patients, Inc. with my colleagues.

Every year since we have started with NPI we have reached our yearly goals. Our revenue doubled from 2003 to 2004 and tripled in 2005. Now it’s 2018 and we’re still with NPI.

Dr. Ushma Patel, Center for Advanced Dentistry
Client Dr. Elizabeth Fleming

“The campaign that NPI put into place back in 2003 is still to this day (2018) working well. They update it for us about every 10-12 months. It is continually producing more quality new patients than any external marketing we have ever done, and these NPI patients refer their family and friends to our office.

I am sure glad I have NPI on my team!”

Dr. Elizabeth Fleming, Desert Ridge Smiles
Client Dr. Jared Anderson

“I initially chose New Patients, Inc. to handle my marketing because I wanted true professionals dealing with this so I could focus on managing my business.

It’s now 2018 and I’m still with the NPI team!”

Dr. Jared Anderson, Select Care Dental

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