We were seeing this trend begin building in 2018, then it became rather obvious, the practices we monitor were getting overheated with too many new patients.

We know, some of you just snickered to yourselves. The paragraph above sounds like the Sham Wow guy at 2am on a Sunday on your local cable TV provider. But wait, there’s more!

MANY dental practices ARE overcapacity. Not just practices we take care of, many others. If left un-managed, this can immediately stagnate the growth of a dental practice. Some dentists (ok, many) still want more new patients even if though they are booked out a couple weeks, even a month.

What is the sweet spot?

8 business days. If you don’t have at least 3 prime time appointments to offer your newest patients when they call or book online, within the next 8 workdays, you will begin to stagnate your dental practice. Every time. 100% of the time.

What do I do?

  • Stop pre-appointing everyone. If you are bringing new patients through hygiene, 30% of your appointments are fantasies. Only pre-appoint your A patients. Recall your B and C patients.
  • Pre-block (or paint) prime time appointments in your schedule. Pre-block 120% of last month’s new patient total – next month. In other words, if July showed 20 new patients, pre-block 24 prime time slots in August.
  • Have a meeting. Tell everyone (especially hygiene team) it will cost $5 if anyone puts an existing patient in a prime time pre-blocked/painted slot. No exceptions.
  • Be patient and watch it work. You’ll probably get another 10% from your current marketing

Watch and manage your capacity carefully in 2019. If you do, you will have your best marketing year ever.