Howie Horrocks
In 1989, I started New Patients, Inc. I got into the dental marketing game because of a book. A friend sent it to me. He worked in an ad agency as a copywriter. (Thanks Bill). […]
Unlimited New Patients Volume One
1991. Unlimited New Patients Volume One is released. I didn’t think I’d sell very many of my first book. I’m normally an optimistic person but I didn’t know if there was a very big demand […]
Unlimited New Patients Volume Two
1998. Unlimited New Patients Volume Two is released Remembering how hard the first book was to write, compile and market, it’s no wonder I put off book 2 for seven years. Unlimited New Patients, Volume Two […]
Dentistry Begins to Pay More Attention
1999. Dentaltown appears and everything changes Dr. Howard Farran had an idea. I remember we were both at some dental meeting and he came up to me talking 100 miles an hour (those of you […]
The Stage Comes Calling
2000. The stage calls and it scared the hell out of me If you want to “make it” in the dental marketing world you must get yourself invited to speak at dental meetings, seminars and […]
2004 – 2006. It was time to get serious  I didn’t know what “scale” meant back then. I’m not sure it was even a thing in 2004. Scale is basically how you sell and deliver […]
Unlimited New Patients – Volume 3
Unlimited New Patients, Volume Three is released We started tracking statistics like mad men, when Mark arrived. Volume Three brought forward those statistical lessons. It also brought forward the results of our consumer research project, […]
Competitor Ahmed Reza builds Dental Web Now
Ahmed Reza builds a team and Dental Web Now Out of pure demand from dentist friends, Dental Web Now began. Mr. Reza has many dentist friends. They heard about his proficiency with technology. Specifically, with […]
Heather McCarley
2014. NPI adds VP of Operations Mark and I decided we needed someone to run Operations. Someone not named Mark or Howie. Running our corporate HQ in Vegas, we were being stretched a bit too […]
Howie and Mark meet Ahmed Reza
This is Mark Dilatush writing this chapter of our story… Howie and I first met Ahmed Reza at a DentalTown meeting. He was promoting his company, CallSumo. He was wearing a Sumo suit. You know, […]
NPI Click - Logo
The Blending of two strong companies New Patients Inc has built a solid reputation in traditional offline internal and external marketing. However, we lacked the serious tech to truly become a digital dental marketing leader. […]
Fusion Dental Marketing
What is Fusion Marketing from npiCLICK? Fusion Dental Marketing generates a better client result by combining offline and online marketing into the same campaign. We can literally pinpoint the exact people you want to communicate […]

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