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We think this is the best place in Las Vegas to work.

We think this is the best place in Las Vegas to work.

But we are spoiled so ….

But we are spoiled so ….

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Our Culture

We work hard and consider ourselves a family first company. People here actually enjoy their day, and each other. All we do all day, is work to move the result needle, one more step higher for our clients. Everyone likes what we do. If they want to try something different, there are nearly endless directions they can go here, without having to leave for somewhere else. No matter where you end up, we hope you like what you do too.

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Our Clients

Our clients are dentists. Dentists change lives. Believe it or not, some dentists save lives. We educate consumers on what dentists can do. We connect those patients with client practices. Everyone wins. It is literally a win, win, win, win situation (employees, company, client, patient). Helping all those people is our higher moral purpose.

Our Advantages

We’ve been at this for 30 years. There are two authors here, who have written three books on the subject of promoting dentistry. We understand the business of dentistry. We have people on staff who have consulted for and owned dental practices. If you are a digital marketer wanting to work with us, our technology will be the envy of your friends who don’t work here. If it sounds like we are bragging, we are. If you join us, you will too.


Our Perks

We have a nice office, a collaborative hard working crew, and a well stocked break room! If you are a snacker, you are in luck! We compensate in the average range but provide end of year shared profits in the form of bonuses when we all do well. It really is a dedicated group of people who all row the ship in the same direction. Beyond all that, we are in a renewed growth period. Upward mobility is nearly infinite.

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