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Check out npiClick’s News and Articles page for the latest information and trends in both offline and online dental marketing.

At this time where new practices are showing up everywhere, it is important that you keep informed and remain ahead of the competition. This page will provide you with dental marketing ideas, strategies, current news, ideas, and other resources that will help you keep your existing patients happy, bring in new ones, make your practice relevant, and ensure business is realizing it’s maximum potential.

Watch Your Capacity in 2019 Watch Your Capacity in 2019 Latest Articles
December 29, 2018
READ MORE We were seeing this trend begin building in 2018, then it became rather obvious, the practices we monitor were getting overheated with too many new patients. We know, some of you just snickered to yourselves. The paragraph above sounds like the Sham Wow guy at 2am on a Sunday on...


Fusion Dental Marketing

January 6th, 2019|History|

What is Fusion Marketing from npiCLICK? Fusion Dental Marketing generates a better client result by combining offline and online marketing into the same campaign. We can literally pinpoint the exact people you want to communicate [...]

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  • Howie and Mark meet Ahmed Reza

Howie and Mark meet Ahmed Reza

January 31st, 2015|Comments Off on Howie and Mark meet Ahmed Reza

This is Mark Dilatush writing this chapter of our story... Howie and I first met Ahmed Reza at a DentalTown meeting. He was promoting his company, CallSumo. He was wearing a Sumo suit. You know, [...]

  • Heather McCarley

NPI adds VP of Operations – Heather McCarley

January 31st, 2014|Comments Off on NPI adds VP of Operations – Heather McCarley

2014. NPI adds VP of Operations Mark and I decided we needed someone to run Operations. Someone not named Mark or Howie. Running our corporate HQ in Vegas, we were being stretched a bit too [...]

  • Competitor Ahmed Reza builds Dental Web Now

Competitor Ahmed Reza builds Dental Web Now

January 31st, 2013|Comments Off on Competitor Ahmed Reza builds Dental Web Now

Ahmed Reza builds a team and Dental Web Now Out of pure demand from dentist friends, Dental Web Now began. Mr. Reza has many dentist friends. They heard about his proficiency with technology. Specifically, with [...]

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